Give A Teacher Office Supplies, And She’s Yours Forever

You know what the favorite teacher in your life needs right this very minute? Tequila shots. But, since it’s the middle of the week, and he or she probably still has kids to educate, let’s try to think of something just as useful. For me, office supplies give the same buzz as liquor without the problematic legal and moral issues. Office supplies help you organize the chaos of six classes’ worth of papers and 127 important memos. And when they are stylish, they make you smile and have a positive attitude even when the football boys come to your class reeking of Axe and sweat.

With that in mind, I present to you two fabulous products to give the teachers you adore:

Galison File Tote – Henry Road – $20.00


Teachers carry papers home to grade (or marinate overnight so as to be better by morning when they are hurriedly graded as the clock ticks down to the start of first period). Some teachers do this fun trick where they carry papers everywhere so they can grade whenever they have a spare minute. The trick comes in finding reasons not to grade. And of course, teachers need to carry papers to be prepared for meetings and conferences. This file folder? Perfect for all occasions.  The handle is easy to grip without being owie (fancy English teacher word). It has eight pockets and labels. As I carried this down the hall at the school where I tutor, I got appreciative oohs and ahhs from all my friends. They all said they would use this. (It comes in other patterns as well.)

Super Bonus Tip: If you are looking for a sweet way to make this personal for your children’s teacher, slip a handwritten note inside thanking him or her for all the hard work this year. Even better? Have your child write the note or draw a picture.

Wall Pops Vinyl Applique Whiteboard – Diamond – $20.00

file_42_28Some teachers have the gift of creativity; some do not. Some of us ‘artfully’ tilt every picture we staple to the wall so no one notices straight lines are so damn hard to make. This lovely gift gets rid of the pain and suffering created when a non-crafty teacher like myself tries to make a cute bulletin board with a border. (Why, yes, I have stapled my own finger in this process.) With this, you just peel and stick. I could probably still make that hard, but I’m pretty special. It’s also a great place to jot down daily notes to yourself or the students. The final piece of genius about this cute whiteboard is that it will stick to concrete which is what the walls are made of in many schools. I would use this on my door to list what books or assignments are needed in class. (This also comes in other designs.)

Super Bonus Tip: Give this as a gift by sneaking in and adhering it to the teacher’s door. Have your child or the whole class sign it.

It is already May. (I know; I was surprised too.) You are wasting valuable time just sitting there not ordering these for the teachers you love. Scoot! 

The lovelies at Office Candy sent me these items for review purposes. No other compensation was provided or needed because I love free office supplies more than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (hint hint). All opinions and terrible jokes are my own.