National Novel Writing Month

We are now 92 days away from moving back to Texas, not that I’m counting down or anything. When we return to the States, I will be looking to work again. I will start trying to substitute teach and then look for a full-time teaching position for fall 2013. This means I have precious few days of bon-bon eating and pretending to clean the house left.

What to do with that precious time?

How about I write a book? And, just to make it interesting, I think I’m going to just use the month of November. (I’m sure December and January will be filled with anxiety colon and mood swings brought on by moving internationally again.) To help me stick to this resolution, I’m joining up with the National Novel Writing Month website. I can keep track of my word count, get pep talks and advice, and then get a nifty pat on the back when I finish.

I am also telling you, all 7 of my regular blog readers, so that maybe you can help keep me accountable and excited.

Why do I need so much help? Well, I’m writing this post instead of starting the book, so it’s obvious I rule at procrastination.

I’m in trouble, aren’t I?