Talking Is My Primary Function, And I’m Pretty Handy With The Words.

Quick Stats

Mother of 5 year-old twin boys, married for 12 years, middle school English teacher currently working part-time as a tutor for one of the local middle schools, lived in Gdynia, Poland from 1/2011 to 1/2013, but now firmly planted back on Texas soil

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What’s My Special Purpose?

I am here to spread words that are funny, heartfelt, and thought-provoking. I am committed to grammar and its many fabulous gifts. I want to marry the Oxford comma, and I take to my bed over any novel I read that refuses to use a comma before the conjunction in a compound sentence. I am that serious about the rules.

I would love to some day shake my hyper cocker spaniel tendencies and write a novel or seven, including one detailing our two years as expats in a region of Poland with limited English-speakers. I also want to get back to full-time teaching and am working on a venture which will bring me to homeschooled students so that I can pee whenever I want. (If you’re not a teacher, this perk may be lost on you.)

So, again, I hope my words bring you laughter and are grammatically correct. If not, you have my permission to mock me. Gently. You may reach me at

3 thoughts on “Talking Is My Primary Function, And I’m Pretty Handy With The Words.

  1. Hi There! My family and I may be making a move to Krakow in a year or so and Farrah of “The Three Under” suggested I contact you. If you don’t mind me asking, how was it as an American expat in Poland? Did you find it was a good place to raise children? What were the challenges? The positives? I’d be appreciative of any advice/information you might be able to pass along. I do realize you were in Gydnia, which is probably very different from Krakow . . .
    We are an American family living in Bangkok, Thailand and we’re due to depart next summer. I have a blog site also – It’s so much fun to connect with other mom bloggers, especially those who have lived as expats abroad.
    Thanks so much for your time.
    Warm Regards,

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