Seminar Stephanie Is Back

My first blogging conference was last October’s Aiming Low NonCon. It was super fun and changed my life and gave me new friends and was awesome. Before I left for that conference, I let my fellow attendees know what to expect with a post titled, “Things You Should Know Before You Meet Me.” It was educational and fun because I enjoy making things two, two, two things in one.

Now my second blogging conference, Blissdom, is nigh upon me, and I wanted my future new friends to be prepared. In addition to the traits I outlined in the post above, I wanted to tell you how I was spending this final non-work day before the conference. Hint: I am blogging instead of packing.

1. Wake up covered in sweat due to nightmare about not making it on time to any sessions at Blissdom. Not even the one I want to go to the most, Megan Jordans session called, “Uninterrupted Thought: Power of Focus.” (You’ll see why I need this session in just a minute.)

2. Log on to computer just to check for that one email I was waiting for.

3. Time passes. Hours.

4. Decide I need to get going and take a peek at my to-do list app. Oh! I need to buy a pretty pad of paper to make my Blissdom-specific to-do list. Time to get dressed!

5. Astonishingly complete three other errands before zoning out for 45 minutes in the office supply store.

6. Yell for missing kids in office supply store.

7. Find them, give stern, yet highly ignorable lecture on staying in sight at all times.

8. Nugget Store (what my kids call McDonald’s) because it’s 1pm, and I guess my kids need to eat.

9. Home for a nutritious lunch and right on that to-do list.

10. Oh! Facebook updates!

11. Crap. Hustle the kids off to quiet time, so I can get down to real business.

12. Turn on light in laundry room and turn around to shoo Alex back into his room.

13. Check Twitter.

14. Notice light in laundry room and get back to sorting and washing clothes.

15. See Target bag with T-ball uniform still inside untouched and remember I need to get that cleaned and ready for Saturday’s first game.

Hey, what's in that bag? It's been there 3 weeks, so now it's gonna be a surprise!

Hey, what’s in that bag? It’s been there 3 weeks, so now it’s gonna be a surprise!

16. I have a cute new notepad! I get to use it to write down the T-ball reminder.

17. Grab office supply bag off kitchen counter and disburse all items including cute notepad.

18. Hey, that’s where my business card holder is! Sweet. I should totally put that on my packing list.

19. Did anyone respond to my Facebook post about attire for Friday night’s party? God, when am I going to shop for that? Better put it on the to-do list.

20. I have a cute new notepad! Tear off plastic cover and throw away. Dude, why is the lunch trash still out? sigh I have to do everything.

21. What’s that noise? Oh! The washer! Filling up without soap!

22. Repeat Step 15.

23. Start to-do list, boys’ packing list for Nana’s house, and my packing list.

24. OhMyGod that was just the biggest waste of most of a day. That would be funny for the blog.

25. Open computer again bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb, sorry, there was a glob of something on the ‘b’ button. I think it was food…..

You know what? I should probably close up this computer. And maybe throw it out the window. Hey, if you see me at Blissdom, will you check to make sure I packed the T-Ball uniforms?

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